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October 20, 2014

Spells (2)

Clear Four Winds [DNT]
Grimrail Depot

October 8, 2014

Quests (1)

Spells (3)

Defiled Ground
Eminence (Statue)
Ride Vehicle [DNT]

October 6, 2014

NPCs (2)

Quests (26)

Spells (21)

Dreadnaught Destruction
Dreadnaught Destruction
Drov Bonus
Drov Bonus Loot


Uncategorized (continued)
Hearthstone Pro
Learn to Dance
Maiden Abandon Cannon
RBG Win Loot Roll
Rukhmar Bonus
Rukhmar Bonus Loot


Uncategorized (continued)
Tarlna Bonus
Tarlna Bonus Loot
Teron'gor Intro
Tracking Quest Cleared - See Greblin Fastfizzle (Broken Precipice)
Tracking Quest Cleared - See Shelly Hamby (Gloomshade Grove)
Tracking Quest Cleared - See Thrall